Saskatchewan Fireworks Display Company

Description of Fireworks Effects


Stars - individual points of light in sky.
Comets - sparkling trail of sparks behind a star(s).
Fish - upon the aerial shell bursting these stars 'swim' in erratic patterns.
Crossettes - aerial shell bursts into large colored stars, these fall for a short distance and then split into four pieces.
Rings - single, double or triple large rings of colored stars. Single ring often has a palm or peony center.
Peonys - Round 3D pattern of stars.
Chrysanthemum - Peony with a smaller round 3D pattern inside.
Salute - rising with or without comet tail to tremendous flash and report at altitude.
Palm Tree - rising comet (trunk) that bursts into six large trailing stars (fronds) and can also have small reports (coconuts).
Brocade - large number of spark trailing stars falling slowly in a umbrella pattern.
Color Changing - stars that start one color and change to another. Some can also change into a third color
Colored Points - usually gold or silver spark trailing stars with a color at the tips.
Shell of Shells - Shell breaks into large stars that fall for a short distance and then burst like a aerial shell again.
Pattern Shells - aerial shelss that look like maple leafs, rings, saturn, butterflys, heart(s), smiley face, snail and more.
Strobe - colored stars that flash on and off.
Falling Leaves - stars twinkle and flutter down.


Roman Candles - single tube items that shoot one effect after another till empty. Can be stars, comets, floral bursts, spinners, bees, hummers and more
Barrages - multiple roman candles in a bundle that simultaneously fire all tubes at once.
Fountains - spray colored sparks upwards in a fan pattern. Can also include a mine effect also.
Mines - sprays lit stars upwards in a fan pattern and can be w or w/o spinners, bees, fish, crackling and many other effects.
Aerial Shell - effect rises to altitude w or w/o comet tail to burst into stars, bees, fish, whizzers, whistles, and many more effect either together or in combination.
Cakes - name is derived from 'candles on a birthday cake' and are multi tube/multishot items that require only one ignition and progrssively fires all tube giving a real show. Best 'bang for the buck'
Noisemakers - usually tube items that vary from shooting a comet that ends in a very loud report, to items that spin on the ground and whistle or hum, just to name a few. Firecrackers are also in this catagory and are permitted in cultural specific events.


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